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Are you busy, stressed out?

Struggling to juggle everything?

Are you finally ready to make health your priorty?

In this must read guide, Dr Amy shares how simple health, and wellbeing actually is. Its time to be in the drivers seat and build overall health, and identify root causes of dysfunction, rather than merely treating the symptoms.learn how you can get optimium health through tried and tested stratergies that have been used for centuries all over the world. Improve your sleep, nutrition learn how health can be proactive not reactive. . Explore the ways in which you are your own doctor and how to get the best out of your body and soul. Learn the wisdom that years of medicine has taught DR amy in an easy to understand format. This book is revolutionary for medicine. It addresses you, and how you are in control of your wellbeing.

This book is dedicated to you.

You are not number.

You are unique.

You are unnumbered.

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About the Author

Dr Amy Carmichael

MBbch, MRCP, Fitgenes practitioner, Post graduate studies in ACNEM, Member of A5M.

Graduating from Cardiff University in 2007, Dr Amy has worked throughout the world in internal general medicine. As an enthusiastic advocate for holistic health care, she has a passion for sharing with people preventive health measures through nutrition and lifestyle. Dr Amy is driven to share her knowledge, inspire and empower others. A speaker, blogger, Yoga instructor, Personal trainer and Reiki practitioner she leads with her heart. Having spoken at large women’s wellness events and retreats she was quoted in the Huffington Post for making waves in the industry. Passionate and authentic Dr Amy motivates as much as she educates. Using a combination of conventional and complimentary therapies Dr Amy puts you back in the driving seat. Special interests include high performance athletes, fatigue, weight management, stress related conditions, nutritional medicine, Nutrigenetics, anti-ageing and mind body medicine.