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Keynote Speaker

Dr Amy Carmichael, is one of Australia’s leading experts on health and happiness.  She is an integrative medical doctor, life coach, speaker and Reiki practitioner.  Her approach is to both motivate and educate people to help them achieve better health and a happier self.

Are you ready to be empowered in your health? We all want to be healthy right, but how exactly? Is it time to get some facts straight?

Dr Amy, leading expert on health and happiness is coming to YOU!

People have often been enmeshed with work, and in pursuit of other things that the true purpose of living has been forgotten. Today is the perfect moment to change that. Learn the secrets on how to have a healthier happier life! Dr. Amy Carmichael will show you how to get back on the right track through this “must-not –miss” event that focuses on transforming to a NEW Healthier and Happier YOU! Time to reflect. Reconnect with your body. Learn about optimal wellness and become empowered! Its time to be whole heartedly healthy and unite with your true self. You are not number. You are unique. You are unnumbered. JOIN THE BUNNUMBERED TRIBE in Melbourne - Beach Lane Studio 8.30-12.30pm