Unplug Retreat

“Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.” — John Keats

Often, the biggest questions we can ask ourselves are —Who am I?
What is my purpose? Where can I find fulfillment?— then as time transpires,
all of these are summed up to a very simple question:

What shall I do to today?

Nowadays, the world is always filled with distractions.
Duties and demands pile up steadily that we often become overwhelmed with our to-do list.
Stress and anxiety consumes us, that at one point certainly it takes a toll out of our health and ultimately impacting our lives.
It is thus left to us, on how we can strike a balance to our vision and the circumstances we had to deal with altogether.

It is worthy to remember that the fundamental principles of life often suggests for us to reflect inwardly
to understand the struggles that disempowers us from achieving fulfillment.
Thus, constant re-examination of lives is almost an absolute necessary to find clarity.

As the unsettled mind comes about through one thing only and that is losing sight of who we really are, by committing
to the practice of detachment, you take your mind to this level where clarity is natural and effortless.

Come to a retreat like no other, presented by Dr. Amy a MD, yoga teacher, nutritionist, life coach and personal trainer.
This retreat offers you the opportunity to get clarity and unplug from your life.
This retreat is designed to challenge your ideas on your stress levels, your toxicity, and the environment you choose to settle in.

Take the leap into this luxurious 3 day 2 night retreat, where you will learn, grow
and accelerate your life with a new understanding about stress.

Beginning on Friday 13th July with a cacao ceremony where you set your intentions.
Through Dr. Amy you will learn more about stress and how this impacts us, causing diseases, and how we can take actionable steps to reduce and eliminate it in all fronts.– From your mobile phone to the food we eat to the environment we live in.

Let Us Examine How Our Perception And Emotions Contributes To Ailments And Diseases, All While Unplugging

  • by An ocean side retreat
  • Luxury boho accommodation
  • Freshly cooked plant based food by a private chef
  • Meditation
  • Sound healing
  • and much much more!

Remember that, you can and have the power take control of your life.
The demands and pressures of life is only secondary to your well-being.
With all of the chaos happening around us, the answer lies in finding out who
we really are–a conscious agent who can choose at any time to live from the level of the true self.