DR Amy is a Lifestyle Medicine doctor. In addition to her clinical training, she holds a certificate in personal training , neurolinguitsic programming, reiki and soon to be nutritionist and yoga instructor.

Having worked in the medical industry as a doctor for over 12 years she has a passion for showing people preventive health measures through their nutrition and lifestyle. As an expert in lifestyle medicine, she is the real deal, being a product of the product she lives and breathes what she educates. Driven to share her knowledge, inspire and empower others has made her an increasingly valuable asset to the changing times of medicine and healthcare as we know it.

A speaker for 2 years at the famous Secrets in the garden, Writer for NOVA and Hot magazine she leads with her heart.  She has been featured in the Huffington Post for making waves in the industry.  Passionate and authentic Dr Amy motivates as much as she educates.

Dr Amys Book  – B unnumbered – Health is more then medicine will be out early 2018 and is set to show the simplicity of real health to inspire and motivate across the globe.

Speaker Topics include:

  •  Get Out of Your Own Way – Motivating Health
  • Unlock Your Genetic Potential – The Secret of Nutrigenomics
  • Don’t Take M For Granted – The Basics of Health
  • Tired and Wired – Why You are Struggling with Your Energy
  • Your Rhythm  – Movement for Everyone
  • Inner Reflection – How to Quiet that Mind
  • Learning to Say No – Mental Health for Teens
  • 7 Secrets to Happiness
  • The Forgotten Brain – Gut Health