Hi, I’m Dr. Amy!

Plant-Based Medicine Authorised Prescriber, Functional/ Lifestyle Medical Doctor,  Speaker, Podcaster, Influencer, Nutritionist, Personal trainer and Yoga instructor. I believe health is more than medicine and you are unique, not a number #Unnumbered.

Get to know me

My Name is Dr Amy and I’m so happy you are here! I live and breathe health.

From an early age I knew that my purpose was to help others, so it was hardly surprising that I became a Medical Doctor. The human body fascinates me, from how we control our hands, to the intricacies of our iris; we are walking miracles!

I was born and raised in the UK, but then life and the pursuit of adventure took me all over the world, and I eventually settled in Australia.

Through strenuous training and long working hours in the hospital I had let my health slip, significantly. I reached a tipping point, I’d neglected my body and put endless amounts of pressure on myself. A broken leg, weight gain, anxiety, acne and Irritable bowel syndrome pushed me onto a new path. I believe in every obstacle there is an opportunity. One that uncovered the root cause, I had to  pivot into Plant-Based Medicine and Functional Lifestyle Medicine.

My Vision is Unity

This work lights me up

My Mission is to bridge the gap between Conventional Medicine and emerging innovative Evidence about Medicinal Cannabis , Lifestyle and Nutrition. I am so passionate and enthusiastic about this medicine because it shifted me into being my natural vibrant healthy self, once again.

If you ever thought there was more then you are in the right place. My eagerness to not just settle has led me to understand health in all its dimensions. Everything that happens to you, whether, it be on a physical, emotional or mental level also affects you at a cellular level.

Today I work in partnership with you, looking at you as a whole, rather than just a set of symptoms. I write, speak and educate in order for us all to achieve optimum health but also so the public is better educated in this evolving specialty of Medicine . In the clinic I wholeheartedly use all my unique skills to uncover underlying causes and contributing factors to your issues, whilst in a supportive environment and teaching you about the science of Medicinal Cannabis and proactive lifestyle strategies that can have lasting results.  I don’t want you to keep coming back, I want to work with you to improve your quality of life so you can get on with living it to the fullest!

This is why an increasing number of people in Australia, and all over the world, are turning toward Plant Based Medication. If you have failed conventional treatments you maybe a candidate for Medicinal Cannabis –  please check your eligibility under EXPLORE THE CLINIC. 

“The greatest Medicine is to teach people how to not need it”

Insights About Me

I aspire to be the best that I can.

I love to learn from different perspectives and live on the frontier.

I am talented into turning thoughts into action.

I am authentic and intuitive.

I am happiest in nature.

I am plant based.

I thrive of connection.

I am inquisitive and love to explore the world.

The ocean is my saviour.

My favourite food is berries.

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