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Dr Amy is a lifestyle functional medical doctor, who believes you are not just another number but that you are unique and so is your health. She consults people around Australia via webcam. She specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease  understanding the physiology, biochemistry, hormonal, environmental and lifestyle factors, offering extensive testing that is not usually offered in conventional healthcare models. Dr Amy is dedicated to your health, providing consultations that give you the time to explore all your issues.

Food is information and Dr Amy focuses on lifestyle interventions.

If you have been feeling stuck, not getting the answers you need you are right where you need to be! 

Dr Amy is able to assist with













Functional tests can include:


Micronutrient Profiles


Female and Male hormones


Nutrigenetic Testing


Complete digestive stool analysis


IgG Food Sensitivity


Hair analysis


Extensive thyroid profiles


Adrenal Profiles




  • Honours in Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor in Surgery
    – Cardiff University 
  • MRCP Part 1, 2 and PACES 
  • Nutritional Diploma Torrens University 
  • Institute of Functional Medicine
    – Applying functional medicine in Practice 
  • ACNEM – Adrenal and thyroid disorders

ACNEM – Neuroinflammatory brian disease 

  • ACNEM – Environmental Health 
  • Biological Therapies –  IV Nutrition Training 
  • Bio-Balance Practitioner 
  • Certification 3 and 4 Personal Training
  • 200 Hour Yoga teacher training Rishikesh

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Are you a medical doctor?

Yes. Dr Amy graduated from Cardiff University, UK with a Honours degree in Medicine. MbBCH. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, or in Latin: Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgiae

What training have you received?

Dr Amy has a thirst for knowledge and so her Curriculum Vitae reflects this. As well as her medical degree and training in Acute medicine with post graduate Member of the Royal College of Physicians, MRCP UK, DR Amy first became a Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner to help her understand the mind and how to be motivated, she then became a Personal Trainer
( Certification 3 and 4) to ensure she recovered well after a major accident. This led to further study in yogic philosophy and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India.

Her passion for lifestyle medicine began 5 years ago and she has completed several trainings through the Australisian College of NUtritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), Australiasian Academy of Anti-aging Medicine and the Institute of functional medicine (IFM).

Dr Amy completed her Nutritional Diploma via Torrens university in 2019.

Dr Amy is now soon to be Board certified as a Lifestyle Medical Practitioner and Fellow to ASLM.

What is lifestyle/ functional medicine?

Functional medicine addresses the root cause. It is the future of healthcare. It looks in detail at all contributing factors and addresses them as a whole system. An extensive health history is taken from prenatal to now, all previous lab tests are reviewed and a discussion on your health goals and commitment to your health. After the initial consultation Dr Amy will be able to give you an indication of what tests and treatment plan you may need.

If you continue to work with Dr Amy, comprehensive testing may occur if needed and these tests then explained in a follow up consultation. An individualised plan is made regarding nutrition, supplements, exercise, stress and lifestyle measures. Your case will then be clinically monitored with ongoing accountability, education and motivation to stay on track. The aim is to empower you so you don’t need to keep coming back.

Who is it for?

Lifestyle medicine is for everyone who is committed to taking action and being empowered. You could be health conscious and want to double check what you are doing with science and testing, you could be a business entrepreneur who needs to be at the top of your game, you could have some mild symptoms that you’ve never had a answer for, you could have a condition which is still not improving and want to seek a different approach, you could have just been diagnosed with a chronic health condition and have decided to take responsibility for your own health and understand what you can do to improve your situation.

Can Dr Amy be my regular GP?

NO. Dr Amy’s Online practice focuses on optimising health and promoting lifestyle changes. Her services are not a substitute or replacement of your regular General Practitioner or specialist, but to be worked in conjunction with them.

Do you accept insurance/ Medicare ?

No. Dr Amy’s Lifestyle practice is private and is aimed at working in conjunction with your General practitioner. We aim to make it affordable and many clients are normal working class people.

How long will my treatment take?

Each case is different. This depends on you and the complexity of your case. Many clients do not have a specific condition diagnosed but a set of symptoms disturbing them such as fatigue, anxious feelings, bloating, skin issues etc. No case is too small. These cases may take only 3 sessions but with complexity requires more time 6-12 months. The aim is always for you to be enlightened with more tools, information and answers to create long lasting change.

How much will it cost?

Dr Amy does initial consults that last 90 minutes. Please fill in the Health Evaluation form to be assessed if you are a suitable client.

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