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Dr Amy is a Medical doctor, Author, Speaker, Influencer and Coach on Health and Wellbeing. She blends her extensive knowledge from hospital care right down to lifestyle therapies backing them up with Evidence based Medicine. Passionate and authentic Dr Amy educates as much as she motivates. A real natural, authentic speaker who is driven to share her knowledge with inspiring, informative and heartfelt talks, she is a real asset to the changing times in healthcare. 

Dr Amy has been featured in

Dr Amy has been featured in

Brand Ambassador

Dr Amy supports products that are Plant based, Ethical,  Sustainable or Give back to the community or our mother Earth. She has worked closely with high profile clients such as COYO yoghurt, Sambazon Acai, Indigo Lunar Swim  and Mod appliances. If your product or company fits Dr Amy’s values please email

Speaker Topics

  • Unveiling the science : Exploring the medical benefits of medicinal flower.
  • From stigma to solution: What can we do improve access to medicinal flower.
  • Personalised medicine : How to tailor medicinal flower to the patient
  • A new frontier for mental health : medicinal flower and anxiety
  • The future of medicine – Explaining the innovative testing and approaches in functional medicine
  • Undress your Stress – The physiology, biochemistry of stress and strategies to live in the modern day world.
  • Food and Mood – The link between food and mental health
  • The forgotten brain – Gut health
  • Don’t take me for granted – The importance of sleep and breath
  • Unlock your genetic potential – The secret of Nutrigenetics
  • Spark of life – How purpose creates health
  • Tired and Wired – How to regain vitality
  • Your rhythm – Movement for everyone
  • Inner reflection – How to quiet the mind

Interviewing Dr Amy

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Dr Amy has been featured in many media outlets on TV, radio, magazines, podcasts and online summits. Dr Amy loves to give value and inspire people to become empowered in health. Due to high demand please fill out this interview guide and

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