7 reasons why exercising outside is better

HEALTH – you get essential ☀️vitamin d, reducing depression and diabetes.
HEALTH – you get distracted by the ☘scenery so you will walk, run or train longer! You won’t even notice the ⏱time pass!

HAPPINESS – a report by the environmental science and technology showed 71 percent of people felt happier after walking in the park rather than 72 percent being ? stressed walking indoors.
HAPPINESS – you save money ? of course!
HAPPINESS – your mood improves and your self esteem rockets
HEAL – being outside increases our wellness naturally it gives us a ? ? ✌️positive perspective.
HEAL – being outside will promote your ? social interaction. It might be a simple smile with a stranger or discussing your concerns with a friend but either way you will feel connected to a world bigger than your own

To top it off your more likely to keep doing!

So when are you getting outside today? Let me know what your up to.


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