Craving meat what can you do

Have you decided to eat less meat? Or even see what all the fuss is about vegan? Yup that’s me raising my hand!

I’m always interested in learning more about health and so after several articles and books I feel I have to try a vegan diet to see the health benefits. So after 2 months of transitioning I’m now getting cravings for red meat! My b12 and protein is all good but I have found the last week i struggle. For the past few days I see meat everywhere, like when your single and its valentines day right!? It’s all around me. So my mouth has been salivating but I have made a choice, So what can you do when you crave meat? 1. Eat portobello mushrooms they have a thick texture. 2. Eat dark leafy greens that have a large amount of iron in. 3. Buy a meat substitute and make it look like a meaty hearty meal like a burger! 4. Always remember why you turned vegan or trialling it like me! It maybe health reasons or animal rights whatever reason it is, you decided to try it so give it a good shot and see what happens!


Be Unnumbered

Health is more than medicine. Proactive health, that is evidence based, cost effective and empowers you! Be the master of your health.

In this easy to understand book you can get to the root cause of your health. This book is revolutionary for medicine. It shows that superior outcomes can be brought about by non-pharmological interventions. With you being the master of your own health. This book is dedicated to you. You are not a number. You are unique. You are Unnumbered.

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