You can’t beat a beet

When I was a kid i’d screw my face up at these electric purple vegetables. Now I can’t get enough of them! Here’s why beets need to be at your fingertips

  1. You get clever – beets contain nitrates which in turn help open up blood vessels in your brain.
  2. You stay strong in the bones – rich in silica it helps your body utilise calcium to strengthen your bones.
  3. It’s full of vitamin c – to keep away all those nasty sniffles
  4. It reduces your blood pressure
  5. It boosts performance and stamina
  6. It makes you feel good, it contains betaine and tryptophan which are used to treat depression and if you really can’t stand the taste then you can use it on dandruff  just boil and massage them into your scalp.


Be Unnumbered

Health is more than medicine. Proactive health, that is evidence based, cost effective and empowers you! Be the master of your health.

In this easy to understand book you can get to the root cause of your health. This book is revolutionary for medicine. It shows that superior outcomes can be brought about by non-pharmological interventions. With you being the master of your own health. This book is dedicated to you. You are not a number. You are unique. You are Unnumbered.

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