Early riser or night owl? How many hours do you sleep? Does it really matter? Well here’s a few truths

  1. Women need more sleep due to all their multi tasking  unlucky men ? . Professor Horne at Loughborough university said “women’s brains are wired differently, more complex” eeek, so sleep is needed slightly  more.
  2. Early morning risers have been found to be more productive yet have high levels of cortisol patterns
  3. Night owls are the most creative and in a study in Madrid proved to be more intelligent through reasoning tests ✌️ So you decide! Whichever it is there’s a benefit! Personally I’m a night owl and an early riser!

Which are you? I’d love to hear your routine


Be Unnumbered

Health is more than medicine. Proactive health, that is evidence based, cost effective and empowers you! Be the master of your health.

In this easy to understand book you can get to the root cause of your health. This book is revolutionary for medicine. It shows that superior outcomes can be brought about by non-pharmological interventions. With you being the master of your own health. This book is dedicated to you. You are not a number. You are unique. You are Unnumbered.

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